Trying Your Best is Enough

How moving to a new city has made me practice doing my best instead of being the best.

Poems For Nobody

Two poems diverged in a yellow wood, so on and so forth.

I Just Want a Microphone: How I Gave Up and Refound What I Want To Be When I’m Older.

Some people talked me out of a career path that I now find myself getting back on. Don't be that person.

Vacation Thoughts

Two trips, some thoughts, and a new itch to travel.

Sunday Stand-up: Dave Chapelle’s For What It’s Worth

Prime Dave Chapelle riffing on the weird things in the world.

A Pretty Funny Interview: Dr. Nick Hopwood Talks About Rejection

Dr. Nick Hopwood of the University of Technology Sydney talks about his wall of rejection, rejection in academics & life, and what we can do to normalize it.

Living Modern Romance

How a comedian got me to feel better about singledom by using science.

It Only Moves Forward

More TV wisdom, this time How I Met Your Mother.

Sunday Standup – Hasan Minhaj at the White House Correspondants Dinner

Hasan Minhaj gets the first crack at the Trump presidency at the White House Correspondants Dinner.

What’s So Funny?

Why It's All Pretty Funny has the name it does.

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