Category: Scribbles

Personal Geography

I wish that I could remember the geography of my own life better. It could be seen as a little embarrassing, being a geography major. This isn't about remembering that the water is blue, and north is up. It's about how so many details on the maps of my life seem to be missing. I ...

Odds and Ends

South Dakota, comedians, and elections oh my.

Wallet, Phone, Keys

The other things I try to remember to bring, not just my phone, wallet, and keys.

Winging It: A Life Lesson from Phoebe Buffay

A plan? If Phoebe doesn’t need a pla, then neither do we.

A Passion for Stories

Trying to narrow down my passion, finding ways to tell stories, plus a very tentative announcement of something fun.

Money Talk

A story about money growing up, and how views on money are hard to change.

Different Than, Not Less Than

It’s hard not to compare, but it’s important to remember what you bring to the dance as well.