Category: Scribbles

Vacation Thoughts

Two trips, some thoughts, and a new itch to travel.

Living Modern Romance

How a comedian got me to feel better about singledom by using science.

It Only Moves Forward

More TV wisdom, this time How I Met Your Mother.

What’s So Funny?

Why It's All Pretty Funny has the name it does.

Getting Over Someone You Never Dated

Why the relationships you didn't have might hurt just as much as the ones you did.

Decisions & The Fig Tree

Master of None, Sylvia Plath, and making those life choices.

Learning The Differences Between Thunder Bay & North Bay

What's a tankard, who is more north, and why is Duluth a tourist destination.


Food therapy - both the good and the bad.

What’s Your Thing?

Making new friends with inspiration from a late 90's PSA.

Same Kid, New City.

Off to a new city, but still acting 4 years old.