Category: Stand-Up

On Robin

The “sad clown” idea, and how the death of Robin Williams scared me like no other.

What’s the Funniest Thing in the World to You?

I asked, y’all provided. Here are some of the things you think are the funniest in the world.

Sunday Stand-up: Dave Chapelle’s For What It’s Worth

Prime Dave Chapelle riffing on the weird things in the world.

Sunday Standup – Hasan Minhaj at the White House Correspondants Dinner

Hasan Minhaj gets the first crack at the Trump presidency at the White House Correspondants Dinner.

Sunday Standup – Katherine Ryan

A Canadian in the U.K. who pulls no punches.

Sunday Standup – Robin Williams Live on Broadway

This might have the most jokes per minute of any standup special ever.

Sunday Standup – George Carlin’s Class Clown

This week's Sunday Standup - the fourth album by one of the best comedians of all time.

De-Scrambling With Jokes

A shoutout to Neal Brennan's 3 Mics for explaining something I've struggled to.


Another Stand-up Set

More jokes! So many more jokes!

First Standup Set in Ages!

Back in the game and it felt so good. Watch it and enjoy!