Writing from Happy

Writing from a different place than normal.

Poems For Nobody II

He's back, and this time: he's going to leave you William Shook-speare. Nailed it.

One Year Anniversary: Things I Think I Think

30 things I think I think for one year of writing this site.

Ask The Jesters: Why Late Night TV is Balancing Education, Politics & Laughter Better Than Ever

How Colbert, Bee, Meyers & Noah continue to teach and call to arms while wrapping it all in humour.

Trying Your Best is Enough

How moving to a new city has made me practice doing my best instead of being the best.

Measuring Days

How do I judge days aside from what I got done off my to do list?

Poems For Nobody

Two poems diverged in a yellow wood, so on and so forth.

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