Another Stand-up Set

More jokes! So many more jokes!


For context, I'm writing this while eating Fruit Gushers. Adulting is a verb that isn't really a word that a lot of my friends use now. It's a weird one, because there is no real context around it. Lots of things can count as "adulting." Buying a piece of furniture instead of having it donated ...

One Year With My Bracelet

In honour of #BellLetsTalk

The Wedding Dancefloor

If you watch the dancefloor at a wedding, you'll find love actually is all around us.

Sometimes I Write.

Thoughts on writing.

First Standup Set in Ages!

Back in the game and it felt so good. Watch it and enjoy!

We Laugh Because It Helps

Sometimes it doesn't feel like we can laugh. That may be when we need it most.

Stop and Smile

My mom stops and talks to everyone. It's embarrassing, and inspiring.

Thanks, Obama (For Real)

The first leader to ever grab my attention is on his way out. So a bit of thanks is in order.

Rest easy, friend.

To one of the most authentic, genuine, and hilarious people I will ever know.

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