De-Scrambling With Jokes

A shoutout to Neal Brennan's 3 Mics for explaining something I've struggled to.

Creating & The Fear of Failure

How challenging myself to create more is slowly working on my fear of failure.

The Self Date a.k.a The Day I Super-Liked My Damn Self on Tinder

A hot date with myself? Sounds... like a challenge.


Another Stand-up Set

More jokes! So many more jokes!


For context, I'm writing this while eating Fruit Gushers. Adulting is a verb that isn't really a word that a lot of my friends use now. It's a weird one, because there is no real context around it. Lots of things can count as "adulting." Buying a piece of furniture instead of having it donated ...

One Year With My Bracelet

In honour of #BellLetsTalk

The Wedding Dancefloor

If you watch the dancefloor at a wedding, you'll find love actually is all around us.

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